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VIP Makina Packing and Food Industry Commerce Limited Company is a Stock-in-trade company that was founded in Eskisehir /TURKEY. Our machines are the consequences of the production experiences that we have managed in a long time. Our machines are manufactured in Eskisehir Industrial Area with CE, ISO9001:2008, TSE-HYB (Service Compliance Certificate), SSHYB (Service Compliance Certificate After Sale) and Warranty certificates in 4.000 square meters factory. VIP Makina who served in sector of Food, with the machines they produced, they don’t lost the leadership and quality with the technology, materials that are used and good serving that is given after selling with export and import they make a good profit for the country’s economy and they’ll go on making profit. Our company that analyses customer’s problems and needs began with motto like ‘Good Serving, Quality, Healthy Food production.’ This firm with the distinguished technics personnel, technics craft and with the materials that are used, takes a good position among distinguished firms. Today, we are producing Biscuit Line, Cup Cake Line, Corn Chips Line and Packaging Machines.
TRAPEZ Makina which was ultimately founded on 03.12.2010 by Ali CAGLI and Ramazan YILDIRIM after a 5 year-feasibility study, is the place where a 25-year industrial experience and engineering meet. It is a step put forward for the purpose of simplifying life of a mankind. TRAPEZ Makina is a balancing mechanism to its competitors and an energy serving tool to its customers. In the manufacturing sector which we started with chocolate packing machines, we also manufacture special machines to cover our customers’ needs.
Enesen Professional Chocolate Machinery Production Industry and Trade Limited Company, which was founded in the year of 2000, designs, produces and exports chocolate production machines, as well as establishes turnkey chocolate factories. Our Company produces technological, fully automatic, environmental friendly, ergonomically designed powdered sugar mills, butter melting and stock tanks, mixers and ball mills, hazelnut - sesame mills, chonces, tempering and packing machines. In addition to these machines, the company produces spread chocolate cream lines, chocolate shell and coating lines, double and single chocolate filling lines and filling lines with hazelnut in various capacities and realizes their turn-key installations. As a company, we increase our focus and investments on our R&D and innovation activities every day with parallel to changes and developments in globalizing world. In order to maintain sustainability in such activities, we strengthen our cooperation with universities. Being a company which closely follows technological developments, we also continue to develop environmentally sensitive and ecologically friendly machines. Adopting as a model, Small and Medium Enterprises and export mobilization programs under the Turkish Export Strategy and Action Plan for 2023, we continue to concentrate our efforts on our R&D, innovation and developing ecologically friendly machines activities. Thanks to this, we aim to contribute to 500 billion export target of our country for the year of 2023.
Confectra Machine after a long study and experience was established in Konya, Turkey in 2016. In addition to the new, used machinery, we also offer consulting, complete project and raw material support to our customers. Milk powder, whey powder, pectin, cocoa, aroma, acids and pectin as well as major raw materials are exported. Confectra Machinery after 2016 in a short time became a company that exports to 30 countries. We also provide installation and support to our customers for new and used machines.
MYM Makine company manufacture chocolate and candy machines, we also produce chocolate making equipments with a very high quality Design according to the customers’ building and environments with Professional technical team . the delivery is on time. Our machines offer the advantages of reasonable price and excellent quality. (ISO 9001:2008) We export machinery to more than 10 countries around the world. Products: Chocolate and candy machines Chocolate machines, chocolate production lines, Sugar Powder Mill, Butter Melting Tank, Preparation Mixer, Iron Balled Mill For Chocolate (Vinner), Stock Tank, Chocolate Moulding Line, Chocolate Shell, Moulding Line, Bar moulding line , very fast ball mill for chocolate , Gel caramel filling line , hard candies cooking unit.